Florence is the location in which the Illinois River was crossed;
prior to the building of any bridges. This was done by the use of
ferry boats which took hours to accomplish.

Built in 1850, the three story structure is the only brick building
in the town of Florence, Illinois. Overlooking the beautiful Illinois
River, locals still use the name “Ole Brick” when referring to the
stately building.

For many years the “Ole Brick” sat dormant, waiting for the
second chance it so deserved. In July of 2002, the building was
bought and after months of careful deliberation the decision was
made to restore the building, which began in January of 2003,
with a completion date of August 1st, 2003. The Findley Hotel name was changed as the building’s new life began. Wishes are for it to remain standing for the next 153 years!

A great place for a family with children to enjoy nature; or a nice
private romantic spot.