Honored Guests

To the Very Special Someones…

The guest house has had many visitors over the years. While many people come and go, some leave a lasting impression on the place. This section of our site is dedicated to those who have helped us make the guest house an important
landmark and part of our local history.


Bob Johnson – Picture taken February 9th, 2007

Johnson lived at the old building from 1924 through 1928. He was 2 Years Old and stayed with his Parents & GrandParents from his mother’s side. In 1926 Johnson’s father worked on the construction of Rt 100/106 highway (Florence Bridge) that now takes people through Pike County. Johnson now lives in Pittsfield.



Thelma and her family visited the guest house on November 18th 2007. The pictures were taken at that time. Thelma was born on the upper level of the guest house on November 13th, ninety-nine years ago. Thelma’s family was able to come stay in 2008 in celebration of Thelma’s 100th birthday. Due to illness she was unable to attend.

We cherish All of our guests, and have been honored by repeat visits of which are:

A group from Chicago that has been coming here for 7 years, Pennsylvania for 5 years, Georgia for 4 years, Oregon for 5 years, Bloomington, Illinois for 5 years, and Alabama for 6 years.

We are honored that some Businesses have utilized our establishment from Chicago, Peoria, Southern Illinios, and St. Joseph, Missouri.

Bob was a major influence in the reawakening of the “Ole Brick,” and will always be missed and never forgotten.